A science fair project is a unique way for you to pose questions for which you must seek out answers and to satisfy your own curiosity about the world around you.

 – eduplace.comthinking-clipart

This year, our science fair will be divided into 5 stages.

Stage 1: Exploring your interests.

In this stage you will be required to choose a topic and write the first part of your report, which will include your topic and background information.

Stage 2: Defining the problem.

In this second stage you will analyze and define the specific problem that you will be investigating. You will summit an investigation plan at the end of this stage.

Stage 3: Action!

This is the hands on stage where you follow your investigation plan and investigate, experiment, collect data, and have the most fun!!  For this stage you will submit your completed research paper  🙂

Stage 4: Sharing is Caring…

During this stage you will be sharing your investigation/projects in class through oral presentations where classmates and teacher will give you tips and suggestions on how to improve your oral presentation for when the judges assess you.

Stage 5: Setting up.

As you may have already guessed, this is the stage where you set up! 🙂 All display boards, printed documents, and anything/everything that requires you to SET IT UP must be SET UP during this stage.

I will be posting due dates and criteria for every stage as we move along. Remember that procrastination always sounds like a good idea, but at the end it never is.

I trust that we will all enjoy our journey to science fair day while learning from each other.



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