January Project/Periodicity

For this month our project will require understanding of the celement character.jpgconcept we’ve been studying and also great creativity.

Your group projects must include the following:

  • 15 spaces or blocks on your display.
  • 4 or more trends among the 15 spaces or blocks.
  • Index cards or small squares of paper that explain the periodicity of your display.
  • Group oral presentation.

Stage 2: Defining the problem.

As stated before, during this second stage you will analyze and define the specific problem that you will be investigating. Specific details of the problem or inquiry that illustrate the approach and significance of your investigation are required for this stage.

You will also summit a detailed investigation plan that reflects every step or phase of your investigation with the desired, expected or possible outcomes. This plan must be realistic and organized in sequence for which you will need to include a calendar or schedule of your investigation plans.

If within your investigation, you will be conducting surveys or interviews, these need to be reflected in their entirety.



January Project

Instructions alternative-energy-sources.jpg         for this month´s project.

Research the following information of your assigned topic:

  1. Local and global production and uses.
  2. Advantages and disadvantages.
  3. Machinery or equipment needed for production. ( provide details regarding the equipment or machinery)
  4. PPT, Prezi, etc. with researched information.
  5. Design and create a mobile that illustrates all of the components of your topic.