Monday Reflection 1

Work and Potential energy reflection with a value of 4 points.


Sustainability Fair: Model Dimensions

For this year’s fair every group needs to make a model ( maqueta ) that illustrates their project.

The model ( maqueta ) needs to have the following dimensions: 34 inches in length and 25 inches width.

Metallic Bonds: H.W.

Please follow the link below, read, watch video, and analyze before answering the questions. DUE NEXT CLASS

Metal worker shaping iron on an anvil

QUESTIONS: (Also found in the link)

  1. What are metallic bonds?
  2. How do metallic bonds relate to the properties of metals?
  3. The iron in the metal working picture above (Figure above) is red hot. Infer why the metalworker heats the iron when he shapes it.
  4. What is electricity? Why can metals conduct electricity?
  5. What can metals conduct besides electricity?
  6. How could you use an empty pop can to demonstrate that metals can bend without breaking?