October Project

Using the following concepts each group will create an images only presentation. Each image will be utilized to explain each concept and answer questions in class. Keep in mind that for several concepts you can use only one image.

  • Frame of reference
  • Displacement
  • Positive displacement
  • Negative displacement
  • Velocity
  • Speed
  • Average velocity
  • Instantaneous velocity
  • Slope
  • Rise
  • Run
  • Acceleration

Velocity vs Time Graphs: H.W.

Make a graph for the following and calculate the slope for each graphed trajectory.

  1. A car goes from rest to 25 m in 10 s.
  2. A car starts at 30 m and reaches 45 m after 5 s.

Using the table below graph the following trajectories, calculate the velocity and label each one of them:

Displacement 1:  From the 3rd position to the 5th position.

Displacement 2: From rest to 0.4 s and back to rest ( calculating that the second displacement took the same amount of time)

Displacement 3: From 0.6 s to 1 s

position vs time table

Significant Figures and Graphing H.W. : Due next class.

For those of you that haven’t seen significant figures before please follow this link for a review on concept definition and rules.


H.W. activity:

  • round the following measurements to 3 significant figures (applying the rules) and make a graph following the SULTAN criteria.


02.345 cm

1.8000 cm

1.87324 cm

3.606 cm