Monday Reflection 1

Work and Potential energy reflection with a value of 4 points.


Sustainability Fair: Model Dimensions

For this year’s fair every group needs to make a model ( maqueta ) that illustrates their project.

The model ( maqueta ) needs to have the following dimensions: 34 inches in length and 25 inches width.

LOG: Rollercoasters

For this LOG your group will need to speak to the class about the design and construction of rollercoasters. Also, explain the roles of the group of professionals required to construct one and what important factors these professionals take into consideration when building a rollercoaster.

DUE DATE: Monday FEB. 19th



Newton’s Laws Project

You will work  in groups ( Science fair groups) to complete the following scenarios:

  • Newton’s first law
  • Inertia and Motion
  • Balanced and Unbalanced forces
  • Newton’s Second Law
  • Newton’s Third Law

For each of the bullets listed above each group needs to write 2 statements. Each statement must be confirmed or disapproved through a scenario that must be acte out by the members of the group, recorded in a video and brought in to class on Thursday February the 8th for 20 points



STS Sustainability Fair

In the link below you will find the details necessary to complete your research paper.


STS Sustainability Fair

Please follow the link below in order to read about the UN global goals from which your group will select an objective/topic.




Last Week’s Practice

Only for the students that were out last week.

In the links below you will find the all the practice word problems we completed in class. You need to complete 7 word problems from the first link and 3 from the second link in order to obtain full credit.

* You can choose which word problems to complete.