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October Test Review

Study the following topics for this month’s test:

  • Inner and Outer planets
  • Exoplanets
  • Asteroids
  • Asteroid belts
  • Comets
  • Meteor, meteoroids, and meteorites
  • Sun structure
  • Life cycle of stars

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The Sun : H.W.

  • Due Date 9th A: Mon. 16th
  • Due Date 9th B: Tues. 17th

Please copy the following notes into your notebooks. These will be you end of the chapter review.

The Sun is not solid, nor is it a typical gas. Most atoms in the Sun exist as plasma.

  • The Sun’s central core is plasma with a temperature of around 27 million°C. At such high temperatures hydrogen combines to form helium by nuclear fusion, a process that releases vast amounts of energy. This energy moves outward, towards the outer layers of the Sun.
  • The energy released in the core travels extremely slowly through the radiative zone.
  • In the convection zone, hot material from near the radiative zone rises, cools at the Sun’s surface, and then plunges back downward to the radiative zone. Convective movement helps to create solar flares and sunspots.

After watching this video , please answer the questions found below.

  1. The Sun is very dense, so is there solid matter at the center? Why or why not?
  2. What are the inner layers of the Sun and what are their characteristics?
  3. What are the outer layers of the Sun and what are their characteristics?
  4. What powers the Sun?

Resultado de imagen para the sun

October Mini Project

Group 1: Dwarf planets and ewatereventfeature20150407_mainxo planets.

Group 2: Meteors, Meteoroids, and meteorites.

Group 3:  Comets

Group 4: Asteroids.

Each group will bring a presentation that explains what each concept is, its structure/composition and where its found in or out of our solar system. Each group will also provide a brief fictional story that illustrates the properties of their assigned interstellar body as a fictional character.