Alkanes and Alkyls Review

The following video goes over in detail the names, structures, and formulas for both Alkanes and Alkyls. It will very usefull for your upcoming quiz.


Organic Quemistry Intro

After watching the video found in this link

answer the questions found below.


  1. What is organic chemistry?
  2. What element is the base of organic chemistry. Explain why.
  3. What types of bonds are formed in organic chemistry?
  4. Which elemnts normally bond with carbon in organic compouds?
  5. How are bonds among only carbon atoms different to bonds formed by carbon and other atoms?


Resultado de imagen para organic chemistry


Weathering and Erosion H.W.

Follow the link below and after reading and watching the video provided, answer the 3 questions found underneath the video and draw an image that  illustrates weathering and erosion in your notebook.

Imagen relacionada